Banyan Network – Possible BIG mover?

Banyan Network is the world’s first distributed ecosystem of data economies raised and built by team experts in the field of data analytics.

Banyan Network covers data collection, cleansing, integration, and applications.

Banyan Network did not do an ICO, it was funded with private money at 3.7 cents by Loopring and High Performance Blockchain.

BBN is not on CMC yet. Should be in the next couple of days.

Banyan Network is big data play and the team is experts in the field with tons of connections to big companies and chinese gov’t. One of the core members is the founder of UnionPay Smart, the data division of UnionPay which is 3x the size of Visa/Mastercard. two advisors are also from Alibaba. Of course LRC and HPB heads are also advisors.

Current circulation supply is 120 million, with 400 million getting released over next 12 months. This is the tokens bought by initial investors. Whitepaper does not lay out what the deal is with the remaining 600 mil of the total 1 B tokens. This fact has been pointed out to the CEO.

4 days ago it was 4 cents, 3 days ago it was 11 cents and held between 8 cents and 12 cents. It held up much better then BTC did in yesterdays drop. Average volume has been a little over one million to a little over 2 million USD a day.

I think that it could be a big mover over time if they can produce.

BBN is trading on bibox:

BTC pair

ETH pair


BBN World Premiere on Bibox: 3,500,000BBN to Giveaway

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