Asic mining farm

Most profitable Asic miners

Here you can find most popular Asic miners with profitability details (4.11.2017).

Keep in mind that electricity cost is not calculated in profits. Some older miners draws a lot of power for its hashrate and mining is not profitable if you don’t have free power.

Read my reviews of Antminer L3+ and Antminer D3.


ModelAlgo.Hash PwrPricePower CProfit (D)Profit (M)Profit (Y)ROI
SP20 JacksonSHA2561.7 TH/s90$750W2.3$69$842$39
Antminer S5SHA2561.16 TH/s140$590W1.6$47$576$89
Avalon 6SHA2563.5 TH/s560$1050W4.7$143$1739$118
Hotmine X5 KitSHA2564.2 TH/s540$490W5.8$176$2135$93
Antminer S7SHA2564.73 TH/s490$1210W6.4$193$2350$76
AvalonMiner 721SHA2566 TH/s935$850W8.1$245$2982$111
Ebit E9 PlusSHA2566.3 TH/s980$882W8.8$263$3200$112
AvalonMiner 741SHA2567.3 TH/s798$1150W10.2$305$3710$79
Hotmine X6SHA2568.6 TH/s1350$1200W11.9$359$4369$113
Hotmine X6 KitSHA2568.7 TH/s1100$1200W11.9$358$4351$112
Antminer R4SHA2568.7 TH/s1132$845W11.9$358$4351$95
Antminer T9SHA25612.5 TH/s1250$1576W17.1$514$6251$73
Antminer S9SHA25614 TH/s1415$1372W19.2$575$6992$74
Antminer L3+Scrypt504 MH/s1712$800W20.7$617$7506$84
Innosilicon A4+Scrypt620 MH/s3200$750W25.9$778$9470$123
EHS Wolf V1Scrypt1024 MH/s2900$1400W42.9$1281$15582$68
Baikal Giant X10X11 / Quark / Qubit10 GH/s2950$800W37.1$1110$13505$80
Antminer D3X1117 GH/s1599$1200W8.4$251$3054$192
Innosilicon A5X1138 GH/s9999$1250W21$629$7647$488

Bitmain Antminer L3+ Scrypt Asic miner review

Bitmain Antminer L3+

I got 2 new Antimer L3+ ASIC miners and I’m really happy about the quality of these miners. Setup was really easy and performance was as good as promised. Power consumption is exactly 800W from wall with Bitmain 1600W PSU.

I’m using NiceHash as pool and it’s reporting about 950-1100MH/s with these 2 units.

First miner was turned on 5. September and second miner day after.

There is 4 basic boards and 72 chips in every board. One of these chips is damaged in one of these miners and that’s why hashing speed is only 3/4 from maximum.

How to setup:

  1. Connect all 7 power cables
  2. Connect ethernet cable from router
  3. Turn miner on
  4. Search miner IP from network
  5. Open miner management console in browser
  6. Log in (root / root)
  7. Change root password
  8. Optional: Change miner IP to static
  9. Open Bitcoin wallet if you don’t have yet
  10. Generate pool stratum address
  11. Change pool address (all 3) and use your BTC address as username (no need for password)
  12. Monitor performance and reliability
  13. Enjoy profits!