New Trezor T available for preorder

TREZOR, a company providing a popular brand of bitcoin and cryptocurrency hardware wallets has announced a new “model T” with a limited pre-order starting now. For the stock that will ship in January 2018.

Still few Trezor T hardware wallets available (139€). Est. shipping January 2018.

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After a year-long development, the TREZOR T runs on an entirely new firmware, written from scratch, dubbed the TREZOR Core, which remains open-source, available for review and adaptation. Additional improvements include an on-device PIN entry, the model T does not need to communicate with a computer before unlocking it.

Trezor model T

The next-generation hardware wallet.


Keeping your bitcoins secure has never been so easy. Same goes for other coins. Experience the possibilities of the new TREZOR.

Comes with a familiar interface.

Simple and intuitive design to guide you through the world of cryptocurrencies.

Advanced coin support.

Keep your coins safe. Supports 8 currencies BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, ETC, ZEC, NEM, BCH with more to come.

New cryptocurrency support thanks to the new TREZOR Core platform. It is a completely rewritten firmware with integration and future development in mind. That’s why it’s going to be easier to develop coin support on the T. That does not mean that the TREZOR One will be discontinued or not supported. Whichever coins it can support, it will. But the model T has an advantage.

Faster prosessor

It will help with processing and the interface.

Improved security.

All confidential data, including the PIN, are entered exclusively through the screen. USB communications are enabled only after authentication.

Intuitive touchscreen.

Convenient and comfortable. Manage coins with ease of your touch.

The display is actually quite an important update. The touchscreen allows you to enter all confidential information on the device only. You will be able to enter the PIN, recovery seed or passphrase on the model T instead of doing that on the computer.

“When you first hold the Trezor model T, the first thing you will notice is the staple of the model T — its large touchscreen,” explains Satoshi Labs. “Plug your new Trezor in, and the screen will illuminate you, showing off its vibrant colors, waiting for your instructions.”

Take it anywhere.

Mobile and future-proof with USB-C. Ready for advanced features with microSD. Encrypted file storage is planned in the future via a firmware update.

We help you secure your coins.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are growing exponentially. While they promote financial freedom and offer incredible opportunities, they can be difficult to understand, creating challenges and risks for their users.

TREZOR allows you to join the cryptocurrency world with a peace of mind, thanks to its advanced yet user-friendly security design. TREZOR is your starting point and long-term home.

“When we developed this new firmware, we leveraged from all the past experiences we have earned while working on different projects, including the original Trezor One,” the Satoshi Labs team emphasizes. “Continuing our tradition and faith in open-source code, Trezor Core is also open-source, available for review and adaptation.”

TREZOR is the safe place for your coins.

TREZOR One (original) will not be discontinued. It will be supported alongside the TREZOT T. But TREZOR T has a different software stack, meaning coin/feature integrations will be easier on the T. Some of which can be backported into the TREZOR One.


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