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Shingo Lavine’s Twitter summary of today’s Ethos/Voyager YouTube AMA (proper summary to follow, [my annotations]):

[Thinking of TLDR? You’ll regret it!]

1) @investvoyager will be listing the Ethos token in July [USD pair!]. Guaranteed U.S. access for the token and token will be available through Voyager’s institutional channels. Any institutions (current and future) that are building on top of Voyager’s trading APIs will get access to the token.

2) Crypto Deposits/Withdrawals will be available on the Voyager App in July. This is the first service entirely powered by Bedrock. Big step for Voyager since the service becomes immediately superior to many other leading offerings in the space. Bedrock now available to Voyager.

3) NEW PRODUCT: Introducing the “Universal Vault” – Do Custody Your Way. Self-custody powered by Bedrock is coming to @investvoyager. First service to put self-custody directly alongside liquid access to markets. #UniversalVault

4) NEW PRODUCT: Introducing “Live Trading” – Instant execution of trades from the #UniversalVault. Security/Control of Self-custody combined with Liquidity/Speed of exchanges. Fees to power the self-custody transactions can be reduced by using the token #LiveTrading [This is more than huge!! Trading directly from a wallet that is super-secure! Driven by the Token!]

5) Instant Blockchain Transactions are powered by the token as part of #LiveTrading out of the #UniversalVault. No more waiting for deposits to process when you see the markets move. Control your crypto and trade like a pro. #VoyagerTheNewStandard

6) Reduced Crypto Withdrawal Fees powered by the token. Toggle the token savings on and off just like other “Native Exchange Tokens”. Token becomes the #VoyagerNativeExchangeToken [Think BNB. On steroids. Looks like -50%]

7) Cashback rewards powered by the token. Incentives traders to hold and earn rewards for trading on the Voyager platform. Powered by Ethos Bedrock and #EthosStatus which is currently live in the Ethos Universal Wallet [Sick of trading fees? Why not even earn money while trading?]

8) Entire ecosystem coming together. #FiatGateway, #CryptoDeposits, #CryptoWithdrawals, #SelfCustody, #UniversalVault, #HostedCustody, #LiveTrading & #BestExecution all under one roof. #VoyagerTheNewStandard

[If you haven’t already, go check out Voyager’s Smart Order Router that covers 12 exchanges simultaneously. More to be added]

9) Voyager + Ethos Crypto Broker is the original vision of both companies. Making Custody + Trading easy and accessible enabling #MassAdoption

10) Voyager is live in 49 states – including some areas that @coinbase and @RobinhoodApp are not available in! NY is pending Bit-License approval.

11) Android coming Q4. International to follow soon after. Referral/Account incentives that were available to U.S. customers will be available to international in some form. Exact structure TBD, but international users won’t miss out. New referral program coming in August.

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