Most profitable Asic miners

Here you can find most popular Asic miners with profitability details (updated 3.2.2018).

These ASIC machines mine at unprecedented speeds while consuming much less power than FPGA or GPU mining rigs. Several reputable companies like Bitmain and Innosilicon have established themselves with excellent products.

Electricity cost is calculated at $0.1 per kW/h. Some upcoming asic models are showing amazing profits, but these will decrease significantly when first batches are shipped.

Read my reviews of Antminer L3+ and Antminer D3.


ModelAlgo.Hash PwrPrice ($)Power (W)Profit ($/M)ROI (D)
SP20 JacksonSHA2561.7 TH/s907504461
Antminer S5SHA2561.16 TH/s14059030141
Avalon 6SHA2563.5 TH/s560105095183
Hotmine X5 KitSHA2564.2 TH/s540490120135
Antminer S7SHA2564.73 TH/s4901210130113
AvalonMiner 721SHA2566 TH/s935850171165
Ebit E9 PlusSHA2566.3 TH/s980882179164
AvalonMiner 741SHA2567.3 TH/s7981150207116
Hotmine X6SHA2568.6 TH/s13501200245166
Hotmine X6 KitSHA2568.7 TH/s11001200248134
Antminer R4SHA2568.7 TH/s61784519197
Ebit E9+SHA2569 TH/s1442255
Antminer T9+SHA25610.5 TH/s20081432299202
Avalon 821SHA25611 TH/s1200315
Whatsminer M3SHA25611 TH/s22002000311212
Antminer T9SHA25612.5 TH/s12501576357105
Avalon 841SHA25613 TH/s1200374
Antminer S9SHA25614 TH/s24001372402179
DragonMint 16TSHA25616 TH/s1480367
Spondooliestech SP45SHA25616 TH/s665240029268
Ebit E10SHA25618 TH/s58001820517337
RMC Sunrise S11iSHA25622.6 TH/s1600250064875
Antminer L3+Scrypt504 MH/s1536800248186
BW BW-L21Scrypt550 MH/s2500950264285
Innosilicon A4+Scrypt620 MH/s3200750322298
EHS Wolf V1Scrypt1024 MH/s29001400518168
Innosilicon A6Scrypt1230 MH/s63001500635298
Baikal X10X1110 GH/s2000630411480
iBeLink DM384MX1110.8 GH/s81034
Antminer D3X1117 GH/s1599120060804
iBeLink DM22GX1122 GH/s810129
Innosilicon A5X1138 GH/s3200750273353
Baikal Giant-BBlake2B80 GH/s3600300158686
Obelisk SC1Blake2B800 GH/s1599500175528
Bitmain A3Blake2B815 GH/s9801275173317
DragonMint B52Blake2B3.5 TH/s10007732
Baikal Giant-BBlake256R14160 GH/s3600410649166
Baikal Giant-BBlake256R8160 GH/s3600260549197
Baikal Giant-BLbry40 GH/s3600400995109
Baikal Giant-BPascal40 GH/s3600210656165
Baikal Giant X10Myriad-Groestl10 GH/s2000150
Baikal Giant X10Quark10 GH/s2000360106357
Baikal Giant X10Qubit10 GH/s200039099061
Baikal X10Skein5 GH/s2000120
PASCAL A1 Multi1000
Obelisk DCR1Decred1500 GH/s184950013,9604

SHA256: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, NH-SHA256
Scrypt: Litecoin, NH-Scrypt, XVG, EMC2, DOGE
X11: Dash, NH-X11, STRAT
Blake256R14: DCR, NH-BlakeR14
Blake2B: SC, NH-Blake2B
Pascal: Pascalcoin, PascalLite, NH-Pascal
Myriad-Groestl: XMY
Quark: NH-Quark, QRK
Qubit: DGB-Qubit, GEO, NH-Qubit
Blake(2b): SC

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