Asic mining farm

Here you can find most popular Asic miners with profitability details (4.11.2017).

Keep in mind that electricity cost is not calculated in profits. Some older miners draws a lot of power for its hashrate and mining is not profitable if you don’t have free power.

Read my reviews of Antminer L3+ and Antminer D3.


ModelAlgo.Hash PwrPricePower CProfit (D)Profit (M)Profit (Y)ROI
SP20 JacksonSHA2561.7 TH/s90$750W2.3$69$842$39
Antminer S5SHA2561.16 TH/s140$590W1.6$47$576$89
Avalon 6SHA2563.5 TH/s560$1050W4.7$143$1739$118
Hotmine X5 KitSHA2564.2 TH/s540$490W5.8$176$2135$93
Antminer S7SHA2564.73 TH/s490$1210W6.4$193$2350$76
AvalonMiner 721SHA2566 TH/s935$850W8.1$245$2982$111
Ebit E9 PlusSHA2566.3 TH/s980$882W8.8$263$3200$112
AvalonMiner 741SHA2567.3 TH/s798$1150W10.2$305$3710$79
Hotmine X6SHA2568.6 TH/s1350$1200W11.9$359$4369$113
Hotmine X6 KitSHA2568.7 TH/s1100$1200W11.9$358$4351$112
Antminer R4SHA2568.7 TH/s1132$845W11.9$358$4351$95
Antminer T9SHA25612.5 TH/s1250$1576W17.1$514$6251$73
Antminer S9SHA25614 TH/s1415$1372W19.2$575$6992$74
Antminer L3+Scrypt504 MH/s1712$800W20.7$617$7506$84
Innosilicon A4+Scrypt620 MH/s3200$750W25.9$778$9470$123
EHS Wolf V1Scrypt1024 MH/s2900$1400W42.9$1281$15582$68
Baikal Giant X10X11 / Quark / Qubit10 GH/s2950$800W37.1$1110$13505$80
Antminer D3X1117 GH/s1599$1200W8.4$251$3054$192
Innosilicon A5X1138 GH/s9999$1250W21$629$7647$488
Most profitable Asic miners

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