Zclassic Plans a Bitcoin Fork Called Bitcoin Private

Zclassic plans to fork Bitcoin to create Bitcoin Private (a privacy focused Bitcoin that mashes up the features of Bitcoin Gold and Zcash/Zclassic).

As revolutionary as Bitcoin is, it has one major flaw: privacy. Public wallets are viewable by anyone and include not only the balance of the wallet but also how much money has been received and paid out (including the public wallet addresses of senders and receivers). Privacy focused coins are valued and could be the next big thing @ 2018!

“A snapshot date will announced soon. If you own zclassic and/or bitcoin during the snapshot you will receive Bitcoin Private in the ratio of 1:1. Make sure to have the coins in your wallet to receive BTCP. For now it is not recommended to hold ZCL and BTC on bittrex as it is still unclear if they will support the fork or not.”

The supply of BTCP will be 18,500,000 (supply of BTC + supply of ZCL).

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash: (@HeyRhett) decided to take another path by removing the 20% fee. Miners are simply earning their fair reward.

Zclassic could be worth much more than it is right now ($93). I think it could surge to $200-300 in next few days.


[currencygraph currency1=”zcl” currency2=”btc”]

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