Next Bull Run coming

There is a lot of chatter about ‘the holy grail’ of the next Bull Run. A lot of people are discussing and speculating when, and if, it will start. We have found a very plausible date that can bring a lot of positive sentiment, and so money, to the market.

Coindesk Consensus event

From the 14th of may till the 16th of may, Coindesk is hosting the Consensus event with over 4.500 attendees. And the attendees are not the retail-investors, but big companies like accountancy firms such as KPMG, EY, PWC, banks such as ABN AMRO, Citi and Scotiabank, huge companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and Procter & Gamble and huge investors such as CME Ventures. You probably think, what will drive the price to new heights? This event is all about blockchain, and so, cryptocurrencies. The consensus event gives start-ups the opportunity to meet with the big players in the world. Big players that can turn the sentiment all green.

But there is more. The Consensus event is co-hosted with New York City Economic Development Corporation. The goal is to make New York City the capital for blockchain. This is what Anthony Hogrebe, the Senior VP stated:

Anthony Hogrebe, senior vice president at NYCEDC, wants to see more crypto in New York. “The goal is really to plant that flag and send a very clear message that we want to work with you, want to support you, and we ultimately want NYC to be the global capital for blockchain,” he says. “We think there’s already a tremendous presence here in New York, but it’s also a nascent community. If we don’t plant a flag and make strategic investments, New York could lose that critical mass.

The Consensus event is a huge influencer to the market. Last years event resulted in 26% gain for the total marketcap and triggered the June bull-run. In 2016 the market gained with a small 2,7%. The biggest difference? In 2016 the market was very small (only 8 billion USD dollars), and there were only 1.500 attendees. In 2017 there were 2000 attendees (+33%) and the market was more accessible for everyone. 2018s event will have 4.500 attendees (+125%) in a very accessible market with a lot of people knowing about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As we combine all these information, a total market gain of over 50% is plausible. This event can trigger the next big bull-run for cryptocurrencies.

We are still in a very small market, but as governments are regulating, more and more people get more trust in cryptocurrencies. The next bull-run is really just a matter of time. This event is going to trigger new money. 250 all star speakers, huge companies and 4.500 attendees that are willing to pay over 1700USD dollars (excluding hotel and other costs) to attend an event are really good signs of trust in the market space.

You are still not convinced?

Please go to and look for the 28th of November 2017. It was the date that the biggest bull-run in the history of cryptocurrency started. So, what? You most probably think… It was the date the Consensus:Invest event was hosted, where hundreds of investors were part of the investor outlook. It was an event that brought so much positive sentiment into the market and triggered the massive bull-run.

Besides this huge event, over the last weeks we see some interesting topics regarding governments. As governments realize that blockchain is the next big-thing, they also realize that the have to do something with the huge possibilities of the sector. The sector will bring so much employment opportunities, and governments know it. All “scary” headlines are only to protector investors that do not do proper research, but governments don’t want to kill this technology. In fact, they all want to be the place-to-be for blockchain startups. Do not let fool yourself! A lot of people are scarred to invest waiting for governments move, so if that move is positive (and it will be) new money will float in.

The time of negative sentiment is almost over and before you know it, everything turns green. Again. IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME!

If you are smart, you invest soon. You really do not want to miss this boat.

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