Top HODLs for 2018

Top 4 Picks For Best Coins to HODL for 2018

1. Ethos

Today coinbase is the only place where you can buy bitcoins from, which is a little bit confusing for the new comers to buy altcoins because they need to buy bitcoin from coinbase then they need to transfer it to exchanges and then buy what you wanted and send it to you wallet. Which will consume a lot of fees and it difficult. Ethos gives you the opportunity to buy currencies through fiat and store them in a single wallet. Ethos is a people’s power cryptocurrency. It has a massive and loyal community around it. It has grown more than 20x since it’s ICO stage and it is expected to go way way up high.

Ethos is still to be launched in major exchanges like bittrex or pholoniex. It is only found in binance, cryptopia and ether delta now.

12.11.2017: $0.989681 (0.00015938 BTC)
30.11.2017: $1.48 (0.00015453 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $50

2. Lisk (LSK)

In November/December the Lisk SDK is set to release, something that Lisk investors and developers have been waiting for, this event should send the Lisk price soaring upwards if all goes well. Lisk has been compared to Ethereum on many occasions and look at the success that Ethereum has had, nothing should stop Lisk from having that level of success in the future. Lisk will also allow people to develop and sell their own tokens / ICO, have its own delegate marketplace, and its own decentralized exchange.

12.11.2017: $5.44 (0.00087770 BTC)
30.11.2017: $7.05 (0.00073551 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $120

3. OmiseGO (OMG)

OmiseGO does not currently have it’s own functioning block chain or e-wallet, but it will before the end of 2017. If this happens as expected, it means that the next few months will see some growth for OmiseGO. OmiseGO are working on implementation outside of Southeast Asia as well: Europe and Africa are currently in their cross-hairs.

12.11.2017: $6.79 (0.00109524 BTC)
30.11.2017: $7.72 (0.00080533 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $100

4. NEO

There are much more for NEO. NEO is working towards collaboration with China Government. So they are Legal in every aspect. And in a long term it is very important. Cause all the world will eventually go in that direction, and China was first.

12.11.2017: $27.35 (0.00442168 BTC)
30.11.2017: $31.63 (0.00329928 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $250


This off the radar behemoth has its tentacles in the entire SKorea tech industry and could be headed for global domination. It’s nailed countless partnerships in SKorea + government backing. If you are in SKorea and use an electronic device, it is likely connected to ICON by only 1-2 degrees of separation. Expect $25-35 entering into Feb 2018 and a top 10 coin long term. Be fast, Korean exchange listings imminent and cmcap update forthcoming. Buy up to $17-20.

5.12.2017: $1.4 (0.003 ETH)

Forecast for end of 2018: $50

6. iExec (RLC)

iExec is a big-time sleeper. 5 PHDs and a team of super computing rockstars, a real company that was in stealth for years. Very much off the radar but soon to be running the majority of DAPPS and off-chain processing in the crypto space. They even do legacy processing. This framework is beyond Golem, Sonm or any other cloud-based blockchain out there (The competition is vaporware in comparison). The scientists on the iExec team already have numerous patents, countless research papers published over the last decade and code running in grid/supercomputing systems across the world. This is working infrastructure by a real company, and it does appear IBM is lurking around this team quite a lot recently. Partnerships are already rolling in and the moment iExec partners with an ‘IBM’ or such it will go parabolic. V1 is already out, V2 imminent. Token supply is low and there will be many many token use cases with staking and consensus mechanisms. Expect $35-60 by end of Q2 2018 and long-term potential well over $500. Buy up to $25 and hold considering long -term potential.

25.12.2017: $1.09 (0.00007766 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $150


Love it or hate it, I firmly believe this non-profit has brute force technological superiority in the crypto space (once it is fully realized and deployed) and will be a top 3 coin (most likely #1). Zero fees, infinitely scalable, IoT & M2M, off-tangle processing, smart contracts, oracles, dapps, marketplace, currencies, no need for PoW or PoS and more. They also have a plethora of big industry jumping on board so fast it’s getting difficult to keep track. A new, intense partnership from Bosch who are making aggressive moves into IoT adds a lot of legitimacy. Infrastructure and wallets are improving and new high level team members added weekly. Additional massive partnership announcements coming in Jan. described by the team as getting ready for “fireworks for new years”.

IOTA remains under 24/7 full blown vicious and relentless FUD attacks by blockchain maximalists. You can buy into this FUD and miss out, or get onboard this train. IoT will be a multi-trillion dollar industry, if IOTA garners even a small percentage of that market, it will be #1 spot by 100’s of billions. IOTA is my pick due to it being most high risk/high reward option. Expect $120-150 by end of 2018. Buy up to $50 as long term pricing could reach hard to imagine levels. This is the “why didn’t I buy Bitcoin in 2009?!” scenario all over again.

25.12.2017: $3.70 (0.00026366 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $150

Not top but worth a brief mention:

Request Network (REQ)

REQ is one to watch and developing into a potential monster. It would be wise to hold some REQ (high risk until products and dapps actually appear on the network)

25.12.2017: $0.30 (0.00002142 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $5

Wabi (WABI)

In a market full of rfid/tag startups and whitepapers, Wabi is already established and running. Their anti-tamper systems are solid and they have a proven track record. A good buy in my opinion. It is refreshing to have the opportunity to invest in established companies.

25.12.2017: $2.18 (0.00015577 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $40

Metaverse (ETP)

In my opinion it is becoming what NEO should have become. Chinese ties and an actual team rather than volunteers and memes. ETP is one to watch for 2018 and ridiculously cheap right now. The new wallet is an improvement as well.

25.12.2017: $3.03 (0.0002166 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $100

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