Keep emotions away in this game!

Please be calm. I know you may think “I lost so much money”

  1. You do not lose, before you sell in loss. Thats the #1 thing you should think of.
  2. Fake news has been going on a lot this time. Think about it, how many times did we see huge dips and the market came back up, when you least expect it.
  3. Watch out – Trying to sell high and buying at bottom. Often people sell too late and miss the bottom. It is very very hard to say when exaxtly the bottom and the spikes are. Please get in mind that even with very good analysing it is not predictable to find the golden tip. You could be very lucky, but when the market is unstable, anything could happen.

But one thing is sure, the market will come right back up and targeting for ALL-time high Every Single Time this happens and patience is the key.

Don’t be that guy who lose so do not sell at this point!
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