The next x100 ICO?

I think the next 100x ICO might be Ocean Protocol.

A decentralized data exchange protocol. A platform where intellectual property can be traded on. Imagine being fully in control of the information you produce as a person. You can choose to share certain information with certain parties in a secure way.

What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean Protocol is an ecosystem for sharing data and associated services. It provides a tokenized service layer that exposes data, storage, compute and algorithms for consumption with a set of deterministic proofs on availability and integrity that serve as verifiable service agreements. There is staking on services to signal quality, reputation and ward against Sybil Attacks.

Ocean helps to unlock data, particularly for AI. It is designed for scale and uses blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and sold in a safe, secure and transparent manner.

With Ocean Protocol we can create a global ecosystem where we share personal data and experiences with each other in an honest and efficient way.

You can register on 15.2.2018 and the ICO will take place in March.

I personally think this will be HUGE!

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