Profits from the latest ICO’s

The market has been in a bearish mood lately, so some were wondering if ICO was still a good way to get around in cryptoworld?

WePower (Energy) — x2
A project with big hype and strong marketing. In addition to that, there were personal caps of 0.2 ETH for the crowdsale. However, at the peak it was trading at x2, but the price has stabilised around x1.5 at the moment.

MedicalChain (Healthcare) — x2.2
It tarted trading at x.2.2 and as of now dropped down to x1.7. Despite the big bonuses at earlier stages of the sale, the project still entered the market with good returns.

TheKey (Verification) — x1.5
The ICO was handled poorly, and it took around 2 weeks for TKY to be listed. As for the price, it almost reached x1.5 at some point, but since then has been around x1.3.

Bluzelle (Data Service) — x9
After being unlocked and immideately listed on Binance, the price has been gradually rising from x4 to x9 and right now is around x8.

Elastos (Blockchain) — x6
The listing was quick and the price was rising to as high as x6 and as of now it is fluctuating around x4.


So… what now?

The market is overflown with new ICO’s and it is difficult to keep track of every one of them. The focus is shifting onto more stable projects with real use-cases. For example, Blockchain projects are more popular than Dapps as the market capitalisation of those two fields drastically differs.

Be more thorough in your research, pay more attention to every fact about a project and carefully read whitepapers. And remember to invest only what you can afford to lose.

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