BitClave: The Last Chance to be Whitelisted!

Decentralized Search Engine

User behavior and search data is worth billions to companies — should users be compensated for this?

The blockchain start-up BitClave, which is aiming at developing a decentralized search engine, hit a new high by raising over $22 million in its token pre-sale. Following the success of the pre-sale, BitClave announced November 29th, 2017 as the official date for its Consumer Activity Token (CAT) crowdsale. The hard cap BitClave is expecting to reach during the crowdsale is $25.5 million.

Headed by the former CSO of LG Electronics, Alex Bessonov, BitClave is a platform that employs the blockchain to create a decentralised search engine that aims at eliminating the third-party advertising networks and establishing a direct relation between people and what they search on the web. The blockchain-powered data offers security of the data that users put in and also compensates them for every private search they make for services from their favourite brands and companies.

Due to the hype around upcoming BitClave ICO, the whitelist is closed at the moment. However, there is a unique opportunity to register now by clicking here.

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