Bitcoin takes 7 steps forward, 2 steps back and 7 steps forward

For those who you who may be interested in buying cryptocurrencies, they are currently at a low(ish) point and now could be a good point to buy some bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin…

There is definitely something special happening in the world of decentralized crypto money, we are putting our abundance back into the hands of the people and away from banks. We are birthing something completely new that can change the world in very profound ways, the very foundations of how we exchange wealth between each other.

I don’t quite understand this whole thing, I don’t know if any of us do, but I sure know there is a collective shift of consciousness happening regarding digital coins and this is a wild ride to take part in.

I’m no financial advisor, but now could be a good time to buy some coins 😉

I know many people think it’s too late because the prices have already gone up up so much on and on… but it’s probably never really too late… and the trend is UP… even if there are dips down… that’s when most people keep buying more, like right NOW, and then it shoots the price back up again. Highly speculative, exciting, abunddanntt, surreal, confusing, inspiring, epic… the realm of cryptocurrency is, in my opinion, absolutely worth being a part of and it’s really only the beginning.

Something new and revolutionary like this being in it’s infancy stage is bound to have incredible growth in the coming years. And people are tuning in, catching on, a critical mass is being reached and the abundance is exploding.

Let’s see where this ride takes us and happy hodling for 2018!

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