Best place to put your money in the Cryptosphere July 2017?

This post represents my view and opinion of the cryptosphere at this time. It is not to be considered investment advice. There is a good chance that I may own or will soon own any or all of these coins. I would love to hear any comments or tips which cryptos you think may be better than these!


#1.  ION

IONOMY is competing for a piece of the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. ION looks to be a great investment here as GAME has proven this market has a lot of potential! GAME sits at $145million market cap which I believe is LOW. It will also probably get close to $1billion in thelong term. However, in terms of investment VALUE, ION at $11.8million market cap is a golden opportunity here! Part of their plan is to use revenues from their sales to repurchase outstanding coins to drive the price up faster. This should be a part of every crypto investment portfolio!

9.7.2017: $0.816721
21.7.2017: $0.891007
10.10.2017: $2

#2.  EDG

EDGELESS is taking on one of the most corrupt and lucrative businesses – gambling. They are seeking to utilize the blockchain to bring transparency and fairness to a historically shady and rigged industry. They say, “the house ALWAYS wins!” Well, that may be true, but they don’t have to win by a 10 to 1 margin! Edgeless plans to remove the ‘house edge’ (casino advantage) and gamblers everywhere will finally have a fair chance at hitting the jackpot. This is a great example of the blockchain improving every industry that it touches.

9.7.2017: $0.664950
21.7.2017: $0.537700
18.9.2017: $1.42

#3.  GEO

GEOCOIN is a hidden gem of a crypto! The downside is the development team seems a bit small and quiet at the moment. However, this idea is pure gold! Combining crypto currency with geospatial data is going to be a game-changer for multiple industries. I will not elaborate further at this time, since I plan to accumulate more while this “on the grid” coin is still off the grid of most investors! Hard to imagine a way that this doesn’t increase 100x from this level.

9.7.2017: $0.743350
21.7.2017: $0.545467
18.8.2017: $3.30

#4.  LBRY Credits

LIBRARY CREDITS is positioning themselves to be the “Netflix of Cryptos”. Their vision is to use the blockchain to remove the middlemen from artistic content distribution. Imagine unlimited music, movies, and other multimedia available at the click of a mouse without any centralized controlling corporation (monopoly) to censor, tax, extract fees, or force their advertisements down your throat. LBRY will connect artists directly with their customers offering unlimited flexibility in distribution which should benefit both creators of original content and their audience. This company has a long ways to go to get mainstream adoption, but if they are successful, it could add a couple zeroes to the end of their valuation.

9.7.2017: $0.451264
21.7.2017: $0.418654
23.7.2017: $0.594333

#5.  GameCredits

GAME CREDITS is the premier blockchain-based gaming company. They have spent over $1million in development already and have an open/operational mobile app store which is planned to add up to 1000 games this year. They have an aggressive marketing campaign and huge head start on the competition. This is a huge market which will continue to steal share from Google Play and Apple App Store. Short term it may be a bit overvalued, but long term it should have no problem getting to $1billion valuation.

9.7.2017: $2.40
21.7.2017: $2.10
9.8.2017: $3.32

#6.  Voxels

VOXELS is as cool of an idea as the sound of their name! Voxels is a platform that allows anyone, anywhere to create, share and play virtual reality games and experiences without writing a single line of code. Voxelus includes a bundle of free assets that you can use to design with more content coming out every week. Virtual reality on the blockchain! This may sound quite futuristic to most people, but the future is getting nearer by the minute and this company appears to be ready to capitalize on it!

9.7.2017: $0.067908
21.7.2017: $0.064907
8.8.2017: $0.072075

#7.  Steem

The people who are on Steem can see that the future of social media needs a dose of social justice and accountability that only blockchain technology can provide. No one likes a bully, whether that bully is on a playground in school, or the CEO of one of the largest companies (monopoly) in the world. Society doesn’t always act fairly for everyone all the time, but with distributed power, comes a sense of fairness and justice that allow us to advance together. Steem community and movement will only continue to grow. So might as well hop on the train – full STEEM ahead!

9.7.2017: $1.61
21.7.2017: $1.46
23.7.2017: $1.70

#8.  AntShares

ANTSHARES (soon to be called as “NEO”) falls to number 8 this week after a critical Reddit post exposed their code to be “amateurish”. However, the founders have made it very clear that their intention is to not only compete with Ethereum, but to be technologically superior in multiple, obvious ways. In addition to that, Antshares is based in China and has a huge advantage there, which happens to be at this point in time, the heart of the cryptosphere. Finally, Antshares value is currently around 1.4% that of Ethereum which leaves plenty of room for appreciation.

9.7.2017: $7.12
21.7.2017: $7.69
16.8.2017: $50.89

#9.  Patientory

PATIENTORY is yet another unique application of blockchain to a field that desperately needs an overhaul. Free and easy way to store and manage your health information and get the best answer to any healthcare question. Complete, accurate, secure, and readily available medical records is a big challenge. If PTOY can streamline the healthcare process, that will be worth far more than it’s current market cap of $12 million. I did see huge sell order on the ask for around $250k recently that still needs to get hit before it can have any significant rally,but long term this should do quite well.

9.7.2017: $0.178904
21.7.2017: $0.160970
14.9.2017: $0.519094

#10.  Chronobank

is another unique application of the transformative power of the blockchain technology. They seek to update an industry that is very outdated and clumsy, the recruitment industry. I have personal experience about how terribly ineffective the current process is, even for major companies, to find and keep the talent they need in today’s economy. This is an extremely large opportunity and Chronobank appears to be very ambitious in the various potential markets they are looking to disrupt. This won’t stay at $14 million market cap for long.

9.7.2017: $19.53
21.7.2017: $17.01
13.8.2017: $30.47

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