Solana is one of the fastest blockchain so far and the only one proven to be carbon neutral

Solana, the world’s most performant blockchain, is already extremely energy efficient. The most recent analysis from the Solana Foundation estimates that a single Solana transaction uses only 1,939 Joules, which is less than the amount of energy required to complete two Google Searches. That is the equivalent of leaving an LED lightbulb on (36,000 J per hour) for a little more than 3 minutes, or running your refrigerator (810,000 J per hour) for about 11 seconds.

It is also notably much less energy than transactions on other common blockchains, such as an eth2 transaction (126,000 J), an ethereum transaction (777,600,000 J), or a bitcoin transaction (7,412,400,000 J).

The Solana Foundation will continue to act as a watchdog on the ecosystem’s environmental impact. It has pledged to keep the Solana network infrastructure carbon neutral through 2022 and beyond, and will continue to show transparency with regular reports on energy usage.

Learn more about Solana’s energy impact.

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