Ethos iOS App published – Don’t use yet

Urgent & Critical Announcement: The Ethos Universal Wallet was available and listed in the iOS App Store Globally for several minutes and in some instances is still listed. However, it has come to our attention that Apple released the wrong version of the app.


  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD the Universal Wallet on iOS until we officially notify you of the new build.
  • DO NOT share the link to the Universal Wallet on iOS or post it on social.
  • DO NOT MOVE cryptocurrency to the wallet or process transactions until the new app is deployed.

Refrain from downloading and using the app until the latest build is published to avoid any critical bugs.

Wait for official announcement from Ethos before taking any actions.

Apple published the wrong-build for the Ethos Universal Wallet which is now listed in the App Store. Ethos published our latest build update #311 – and in the app-store it says #311 is the build published and available for download, but once downloaded for users, it’s actually build #287.

Build #287 is an earlier version of the Universal Wallet Build used for testing – that has a number of bugs which have all been fixed in the latest version #311. We are working to have apple publish the new build and get this fixed immediately. We have since unpublished the app while we wait for to ensure that the new app is deployed to protect our users and community.

If you are an iOS user, we ask that you do not download or start using the Universal Wallet until the new build has been published. If you are running into bugs, please be patient while we get the new build through Apple. We are processing this as an emergency update request with Apple.

Ethos did everything we could to ensure this was right out the gate – and this was a mistake on Apple’s behalf and something we were not able to recognize until we could download it ourselves from the App Store.

Thank you for your understanding and patience and we get this squared away.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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