Don’t let your short term emotions affect long term view!

Crypto community has been fairly salty recently. It’s certainly interesting to see how the emotions of the short-term bull market traders continue to be right on par with the “Psychology of a Market Cycle” image.

For times like these when some of us need a reminder, these market fluctuations are natural, distributed ledger technology is here to stay. Blockchain technology makes our world, faster, more secure, less expensive, more transparent, more liquid, more trustworthy, and more accessible to all.

This isn’t just a movement “for the people” this is a complete upgrade of the world’s technological backbone and economy.

For those interested, price action can be a game to be played and profited from, and for the rest of us, it’s simply a ride to enjoy. I personally love to notice my emotions when my portfolio takes a hit, simply remembering: is my perspective zoomed out?

Please take 7 Minutes and watch the video about Psychology of a Market Cycle:

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