Voyager & LGO Token Merge

Both Voyager and LGO had many choices on how to expand their businesses, but building a global agency broker to service retail and institutional customers was top priority for both teams.

with the merger, LGO & VGX token holders will swap for a new token complete with a new symbol that has yet to be determined. The new token’s key component is to be decentralized and utilized in the global Voyager ecosystem. After the token swap is initiated, the community will vote on the proposals that affect the overall token’s allocation and utilization. 

Upon completion of the token merger, users will be able to stake the newly minted token to receive 7% annual interest. After one year, the community will then vote on whether to keep, raise, or lower the 7% staked interest rate. 

This new decentralized token will be the core of Voyager’s global expansion, including building a more significant community and delivering rewards for different actions completed on the Voyager platform, and building a tier-based loyalty program.

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