Another Fork from Bitcoin Private maker Rhett

A guy named Rhett Creighton basically likes to fork Bitcoin (or another coin with a special code and then mix it with BTC). He is the guy who forked ZClassic from Zcash (Zcash is a BTC fork) and then forked Zclassic to Bitcoin Private. He is doing now exactly the same with Primecoin (XPM). I went through Primecoin’s whitepaper and seems like a more environmental friendly and less electricity wasting PoW model with the same BTC Features.

Bitcoin Prime is an alleged fork of Primecoinand Bitcoin. That is a rather interesting development, as Primecoin is not something most people have kept tabs on after its initial hype in 2014 died down. Most people expected PrimeCoin to have been dead in the water by now, but it still has some sort of value and its trading volume is increasing as we speak. This is probably because of the Bitcoin Prime announcement, though, which may indicate that this is another attempt at manipulating both existing and upcoming cryptocurrencies.

This project is so early stage that not even the date of the fork, website, whitepaper, fork ratio is confirmed yet. The only thing is a Tweet from Rhett who said “Bitcoin Prime is real and it is happening”. Telegram and Discord groups are also led and they claim that they are currently working hard on everything and have already a few developers.

Obviously the absolute highest and sickest risk on this planet. High risk // high rewards OR complete loss.

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