Hexabot will help you to trade faster and more accurately in the cloud

Hexabot is a professional automatic system (sophisticated algorithms of artificial intelligence) designed to help the manager or private trader work at the exchange as efficiently as possible. Control the financial markets and look for opportunities to buy or sell assets to make profit. Trading on crypto-exchanges is very profitable today!

How HEXABOT works


Many traders trade manually, but this approach requires spending a lot of time and keeping a very large amount of data under control. By trading manually we miss a lot of opportunities to earn here. Even if you trade by signals and enter the right moments, it is rather difficult to foresee when it is worth closing the position – to issue a warrant for the sale of the previously purchased cryptocurrency.

Over the past year, we have observed the activity of users on crypto-exchange exchanges. It was written thousands of lines of code. As it turned out, 90% of these strategies are implemented in fairly simple logical expressions. Therefore, we created a user interface and simplified it as much as possible.

At the moment we have 3 working bots that trade automatically. Customization of scripts is carried out by our experts to improve the bidding process. Each bot has its own bidding strategy. This is due to the high degree of market variability, and the prescribed algorithm simply can not be ideally suited to its condition for a particular period of time.

HEXABOT 3 different strategies

Statistics for each of the bots is displayed in your office. You have the opportunity to choose one of them.

HEXABOT statistics

Change your idea of trading! You can trade much faster and more accurately than with manual trading!

All you need is to choose one of the provided bots, at your discretion. The bot will do the rest of the work for you!
With the help of new technologies it becomes possible to involve new participants in bitcoin trading, let even beginners in the computer industry.

We are confident that attracting newcomers to automated trading promotes the growth of the BTC.

How to get started with automatic bot

You do not need to worry about trading on the stock exchange. The system will do everything for you. You have a choice of 3 automatic bots. Each bot has its own trading strategy and the percentage of income is different. Also, after selection, there is a restriction on the next bot change. You can see them in the bot description and system prompts.

Truth behind Technical and Swing bots

Since it may be difficult to understand how our bots actually work, we decided to explain it right here.

It is not possible to “split” or use two different bots at the same moment on one account. Earnings percentage is dependent on the market, not on us. We promise that the profit will stay in specified range, but it may differ as well.

Here we will explain how Technical and Swing bots exactly work as clear as possible.

Technical bot is calculating profit every three (3) fixed days, these days are same for all Hexabot members. The same rules are applied to Swing bot, but seven (7) days instead of three (3).

Technical bot, in three days are 4320 minutes, if you select technical bot 4320 minutes before the calculation, it will be calculated with reduced percentage

The calculation is: %TECHNICAL_PERCENT% * ( (time right now minus time when bot was selected in minutes) / 4320 )
Example: Technical bot percent is 22%, you have selected this bot and next calculation will be in 3000 minutes, the calculation will be: (22 * ((4320 – 3000) / 4320)) = 6.72%

If you have selected Technical bot 4320 or more minutes ago, percentage reduction will be NOT performedThe same rules are applied to Swing bot, in seven (7) days are 10080 minutes.

How about compounding?

Yes, we do offer compounding for investment and you can use this feature to automatically reinvest your earnings in order to increase your investment and earn more. Compounding is a great way to increase your initial capital and grow it with time.

We keep things simple

We put a lot of effort in it, we have achieved the perfect one click cryptocurrency cloud trading solution for our customers

We are faster

We will never delay your payments, withdrawals are as fast as one mouse click! We respect your time and money, just watch live result of automatic trading Hexabot.


With a strong DDOS protection we promise you a 100% uptime. SSL Encrypted connection will make sure to protect you from hackers.


We will never require identity verification, your information will always stay private. Anyone can become a part of us, no matter how old you are or where you are from.

Hourly calculations

Relax and watch your earnings grow up hourly, Hexabot will take care of you!

Withdraw anytime

We won’t hold your funds, you can release and instantly withdraw your deposit anytime. Withdrawals are processed instantly. Which means that you get paid immediately after creating your query.


Secure your account by enabling two factor authentication. Let’s say a big NO to hackers!


Start your automatic HEXABOT today!