OmiseGO (OMG) is a token-based digital currency backed by the Plasma decentralized exchange and a digital wallet provided by Omise.

The technology behind OmiseGO revolves around providing super-fast payments and linking e-wallets for different types of fiat and digital currencies.

It’s designed to facilitate payments for goods and services on the web to and to enable the cross-border transfer of assets. Backed up by the Ethereum Foundation, the project’s extremely successful ICO held in June sold out before it had even gone live to the public.

OMG has been one of the year’s best performers and currently trades at around $7.00 after launching with an ICO price of just $0.24. Most OMG observers have been waiting for a suitable entry point and now is as good a time as any. Prior to the downturn experienced by altcoins because of Bitcoin forks, OMG was generally trading at around $8.00. Since that time, the price has dropped to $6, but has recently bounced back above $7. However, OmiseGO is a popular project with both Western and Asian investors and the OMG token has recorded returns of over 2000% since its ICO as well as recording an all-time high price of over $12. Many feel that OMG provides great value at its current market cap of around $640M so look for significant positive price action in the months to come.

Top HODLs for 2018

1. Bitquence



Today coinbase is the only place where you can buy bitcoins from, which is a little bit confusing for the new comers to buy altcoins because they need to buy bitcoin from coinbase then they need to transfer it to exchanges and then buy what you wanted and send it to you wallet. Which will consume a lot of fees and it difficult. Bitquence gives you the opportunity to buy currencies through fiat and store them in a single wallet. Bitquence is a people’s power cryptocurrency. It has a massive and loyal community around it. It has grown more than 20x since it’s ICO stage and it is expected to go way way up high.

Bitquence is still to be launched in major exchanges like bittrex or pholoniex. It is only found in binance, cryptopia and ether delta now.


12.11.2017: $0.989681 (0.00015938 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $50



2. Lisk



In November/December the Lisk SDK is set to release, something that Lisk investors and developers have been waiting for, this event should send the Lisk price soaring upwards if all goes well. Lisk has been compared to Ethereum on many occasions and look at the success that Ethereum has had, nothing should stop Lisk from having that level of success in the future. Lisk will also allow people to develop and sell their own tokens / ICO, have its own delegate marketplace, and its own decentralized exchange.


12.11.2017: $5.44 (0.00087770 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $120



3. OmiseGO



OmiseGO does not currently have it’s own functioning block chain or e-wallet, but it will before the end of 2017. If this happens as expected, it means that the next few months will see some growth for OmiseGO. OmiseGO are working on implementation outside of Southeast Asia as well: Europe and Africa are currently in their cross-hairs.


12.11.2017: $6.79 (0.00109524 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $100



4. NEO



There are much more for NEO. NEO is working towards collaboration with China Government. So they are Legal in every aspect. And in a long term it is very important. Cause all the world will eventually go in that direction, and China was first.


12.11.2017: $27.35 (0.00442168 BTC)

Forecast for end of 2018: $250


Hexabot will help you to trade faster and more accurately in the cloud

Hexabot is a professional automatic system (sophisticated algorithms of artificial intelligence) designed to help the manager or private trader work at the exchange as efficiently as possible. Control the financial markets and look for opportunities to buy or sell assets to make profit. Trading on crypto-exchanges is very profitable today!

How HEXABOT works


Many traders trade manually, but this approach requires spending a lot of time and keeping a very large amount of data under control. By trading manually we miss a lot of opportunities to earn here. Even if you trade by signals and enter the right moments, it is rather difficult to foresee when it is worth closing the position – to issue a warrant for the sale of the previously purchased cryptocurrency.

Over the past year, we have observed the activity of users on crypto-exchange exchanges. It was written thousands of lines of code. As it turned out, 90% of these strategies are implemented in fairly simple logical expressions. Therefore, we created a user interface and simplified it as much as possible.

At the moment we have 3 working bots that trade automatically. Customization of scripts is carried out by our experts to improve the bidding process. Each bot has its own bidding strategy. This is due to the high degree of market variability, and the prescribed algorithm simply can not be ideally suited to its condition for a particular period of time.

HEXABOT 3 different strategies

Statistics for each of the bots is displayed in your office. You have the opportunity to choose one of them.

HEXABOT statistics

Change your idea of trading! You can trade much faster and more accurately than with manual trading!

All you need is to choose one of the provided bots, at your discretion. The bot will do the rest of the work for you!
With the help of new technologies it becomes possible to involve new participants in bitcoin trading, let even beginners in the computer industry.

We are confident that attracting newcomers to automated trading promotes the growth of the BTC.

How to get started with automatic bot

You do not need to worry about trading on the stock exchange. The system will do everything for you. You have a choice of 3 automatic bots. Each bot has its own trading strategy and the percentage of income is different. Also, after selection, there is a restriction on the next bot change. You can see them in the bot description and system prompts.

Truth behind Technical and Swing bots

Since it may be difficult to understand how our bots actually work, we decided to explain it right here.

It is not possible to “split” or use two different bots at the same moment on one account. Earnings percentage is dependent on the market, not on us. We promise that the profit will stay in specified range, but it may differ as well.

Here we will explain how Technical and Swing bots exactly work as clear as possible.

Technical bot is calculating profit every three (3) fixed days, these days are same for all Hexabot members. The same rules are applied to Swing bot, but seven (7) days instead of three (3).

Technical bot, in three days are 4320 minutes, if you select technical bot 4320 minutes before the calculation, it will be calculated with reduced percentage

The calculation is: %TECHNICAL_PERCENT% * ( (time right now minus time when bot was selected in minutes) / 4320 )
Example: Technical bot percent is 22%, you have selected this bot and next calculation will be in 3000 minutes, the calculation will be: (22 * ((4320 – 3000) / 4320)) = 6.72%

If you have selected Technical bot 4320 or more minutes ago, percentage reduction will be NOT performedThe same rules are applied to Swing bot, in seven (7) days are 10080 minutes.

How about compounding?

Yes, we do offer compounding for investment and you can use this feature to automatically reinvest your earnings in order to increase your investment and earn more. Compounding is a great way to increase your initial capital and grow it with time.

We keep things simple

We put a lot of effort in it, we have achieved the perfect one click cryptocurrency cloud trading solution for our customers

We are faster

We will never delay your payments, withdrawals are as fast as one mouse click! We respect your time and money, just watch live result of automatic trading Hexabot.


With a strong DDOS protection we promise you a 100% uptime. SSL Encrypted connection will make sure to protect you from hackers.


We will never require identity verification, your information will always stay private. Anyone can become a part of us, no matter how old you are or where you are from.

Hourly calculations

Relax and watch your earnings grow up hourly, Hexabot will take care of you!

Withdraw anytime

We won’t hold your funds, you can release and instantly withdraw your deposit anytime. Withdrawals are processed instantly. Which means that you get paid immediately after creating your query.


Secure your account by enabling two factor authentication. Let’s say a big NO to hackers!


Start your automatic HEXABOT today!


Kucoin – The people’s exchange

Kucoin is an up and coming exchange based in Hong Kong. Kucoin are ambitious outfit and in addition to incorporating an aggressive promotions campaign, the exchange also plans to provide early access to some of the most promising coins in Asia as well as allowing for the trade of more established coins.

The exchange also operates its own currency known as Kucoin Shares (KCS) and the KCS token operates as a standard ERC 20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. The value of the KCS token will increase in line with an increase in its number of holders and traders. This provides extra value as holding KCS allows the platform’s users to access benefits including a 30% trading fee discount as well as an award incentive bonus, which equals to 50% of the total trading fees charged by the platform, which is distributed back to users who hold KCS in their accounts.

The exchange has experienced around $4M of total trading activity with its KCS token attracting the majority of traders. The recent listing of coins such as the Red Pulse RPX token has helped increase the exchange’s user base. With further keenly anticipated tokens set to be listed, Kucoin is an exchange that will only grow in importance and we can expect the price of KCS tokens to match the rise of the exchange.


KCS/BTC trading pair in Kucoin


Binance Coin (BNB) is a token released by the Binance exchange, which came into life as a result of a recently held ICO.

Binance is run by an ambitious team and in a short space of time has become the 11th biggest exchange according to trade volume. Its BNB coin enables customers to enjoy reduced fees when trading cryptocurrencies that are paired against BNB and traders can receive discounts on exchanges, withdrawals and listing fees.

For its first year, there is a 50% discount rate on trading fees, dropping to 25% in the second year and halving again in each of the subsequent two years. In addition to offering discounts on fees, Binance also engages its community via polls, promotions, and special giveaways, which continue to attract new users.

As BNB is linked to the Binance exchange, its value increases with increased usage on the platform and Binance looks set to continue its rise up the ranking. BNB currently trades just under $1.6 and holds a market cap of around $160M, earlier this year it reaches its all-time high price of $2.92.


BNB/BTC trading pair in Binance


Komodo (KMD) is both a cryptocurrency and decentralized ICO platform that is designed for maximum security and privacy.

The Komodo platform is intended to provide smart contracts as well as blockchain-based solutions.

Komodo is linked to Bitcoin, and uses a consensus mechanism that is backed by the Bitcoin hashrate. Komodo also allows anonymous transactions via zk-SNARKS technology and KMD is a currency on the rise.

Komodo is a technology that has been attracting a lot of interest in the crypto community thanks to a number of unique and this looks set to increase with its hosting of the Monaize ICO in mid-November.

Komodo Platform is expanding into an entire ecosystem, starting with our strategic banking partner Monaize. On November 10th, we will perform the world’s first Decentralized ICO (“dICO”). Future entrepreneurs choosing to build on the Komodo platform will receive an entire blockchain package, capable of performing a decentralized crowdfund and acting as an independent blockchain.

The Monaize ICO will be the first to utilize cross chain atomic swaps and investors who donate KMD will automatically receive the MNZ token in return. Komodo has been one of the few altcoins to actually increase in value during the Bitcoin fork period and traded at just under $2.00 leading up to November. Since then KMD has continued to rise in price and currently trades above the $2 mark.

With its innovative use of technology and ability to host blockchain projects on its platform, Komodo is a cryptocurrency to watch for the rest of the year.


KMD/BTC trading pair in Bittrex

KMD/BTC trading pair in Binance


Substratum is an open-source network that allows anyone to allocate their spare computing resources in order to participate in a decentralized web.

The Substratum network is a worldwide collection of nodes that uses cryptography to provide secure internet access and content without the need for Tor or a VPN.

An open-source network that allows anyone to allocate their spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for the entire world.

Substratum will revolutionize the hosting industry with per-request billing via microtransactions, all handled by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

SubstratumNode lets anyone become a web host on the decentralized internet. Unlike many technologies based on blockchain, SubstratumNode focuses on an intuitive user experience. Anyone can earn Substrate (SUB) by turning their computer into a host. All it takes is a web browser and a few clicks.

Substratum raised just over $13M during its recent ICO and has been one of the better performers over the last few months. SUB began trading at around $0.04 in September and despite experiencing a period of fluctuation has remained well above its ICO price. SUB has also made its way to exchanges such as Binance, COSS, and HitBTC and this has helped it to maintain its current price of above $0.10.

With a market cap of just under $29M this project has a lot of room to grow and the team have a number of releases lined up such as a node that pays out SUB tokens. After staying resistant to selling pressure during October, we can expect SUB to only increase in value during 2017.


SUB/BTC trading pair in Binance

SUB/ETH trading pair in Binance

New Trezor T available for preorder

TREZOR, a company providing a popular brand of bitcoin and cryptocurrency hardware wallets has announced a new “model T” with a limited pre-order starting now. For the stock that will ship in January 2018.

Still few Trezor T hardware wallets available (139€). Est. shipping January 2018.

Order now

After a year-long development, the TREZOR T runs on an entirely new firmware, written from scratch, dubbed the TREZOR Core, which remains open-source, available for review and adaptation. Additional improvements include an on-device PIN entry, the model T does not need to communicate with a computer before unlocking it.

Trezor model T

The next-generation hardware wallet.


Keeping your bitcoins secure has never been so easy. Same goes for other coins. Experience the possibilities of the new TREZOR.

Comes with a familiar interface.

Simple and intuitive design to guide you through the world of cryptocurrencies.

Advanced coin support.

Keep your coins safe. Supports 8 currencies BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, ETC, ZEC, NEM, BCH with more to come.

New cryptocurrency support thanks to the new TREZOR Core platform. It is a completely rewritten firmware with integration and future development in mind. That’s why it’s going to be easier to develop coin support on the T. That does not mean that the TREZOR One will be discontinued or not supported. Whichever coins it can support, it will. But the model T has an advantage.

Faster prosessor

It will help with processing and the interface.

Improved security.

All confidential data, including the PIN, are entered exclusively through the screen. USB communications are enabled only after authentication.

Intuitive touchscreen.

Convenient and comfortable. Manage coins with ease of your touch.

The display is actually quite an important update. The touchscreen allows you to enter all confidential information on the device only. You will be able to enter the PIN, recovery seed or passphrase on the model T instead of doing that on the computer.

“When you first hold the Trezor model T, the first thing you will notice is the staple of the model T — its large touchscreen,” explains Satoshi Labs. “Plug your new Trezor in, and the screen will illuminate you, showing off its vibrant colors, waiting for your instructions.”

Take it anywhere.

Mobile and future-proof with USB-C. Ready for advanced features with microSD. Encrypted file storage is planned in the future via a firmware update.

We help you secure your coins.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are growing exponentially. While they promote financial freedom and offer incredible opportunities, they can be difficult to understand, creating challenges and risks for their users.

TREZOR allows you to join the cryptocurrency world with a peace of mind, thanks to its advanced yet user-friendly security design. TREZOR is your starting point and long-term home.

“When we developed this new firmware, we leveraged from all the past experiences we have earned while working on different projects, including the original Trezor One,” the Satoshi Labs team emphasizes. “Continuing our tradition and faith in open-source code, Trezor Core is also open-source, available for review and adaptation.”

TREZOR is the safe place for your coins.

TREZOR One (original) will not be discontinued. It will be supported alongside the TREZOT T. But TREZOR T has a different software stack, meaning coin/feature integrations will be easier on the T. Some of which can be backported into the TREZOR One.


How can you protect yourself from hackers?

How can you protect yourself from hackers?

  1. Buy a separate laptop or computer for doing your trades and moving coins. You can throw together a rig that’s more than capable of handling everything for about 100$.
  2. Install Anti-virus software to computer you are making trades or handle cryptos. Avira Free is good enough if you are cheap.
  3. Bookmark your crypto sites. Use those bookmarks and only those.
  4. Get yourself a Ledger Nano S or Trezor Hardware wallet. They’re cheap and a variety of wallets support them. There is really, really no excuse. If you don’t want one of these nifty devices, use cold storage for a majority of your savings.
  5. Turn on 2FA for everything. Go do it. Right now. Quit your excuses. Choose Google Authenticator over Authy. Don’t use your phone number. Then, make sure your phone number is NOT tied to your Google account (look in privacy settings). Turns out, you and your BFF Mr. Hacker can “recover” access to your account via that number, completely destroying the point of 2FA. PS: Don’t forget to cold-storage your backup words for these 2FA things. It’s a huge pain when your phone goes for a swim and your entire life is 2FA’d.
  6. Don’t keep your precious coins in exchange for too long. If you want to day-trade, keep only small portion of coins in exchange.
  7. Do not use cloud storage (Dropbox, Drive, iCloud) for storing your keys: Now your keys would only be protected by your cloud storage password. Write private key to paper and store in safe place.
  8. Dont use any public Wi-fi. Never.
  9. For Token Sales: do not trust any address except the one posted on the official site. Bookmark the URL before the sale, get the address from the URL from your bookmark at time of purchase. Do not trust any other source (especially a random bot on Slack).
  10. Double check the URL. Check it. Then, check it again right before entering any information. This is especially important for any sites that require usernames, passwords, email addresses, private keys, and any other personal information. SSL-certs do not mean a site is trustworthy, just that they bought an SSL-cert. Not sure about the correct URL? Cross reference Reddit, Twitter, Github, Slack and wherever else the project hangs out.
  11. Triple check Github URLs. These are much easier to fake and much easier to miss. Instead of downloading from that random URL on reddit, seek out the URL on your own.
  12. Always verify that the site you landed on is legit. Especially if you are about to entire your private key or download an application. What is legit? A service that people have used for a decent period of time with good results. If the URL has been registered in the last week or the site “just launched”, err on the side of caution and avoid it for a while.
  13. Google the service name + “scam” or “reviews”. Scam sites rarely last long. Value real comments by real people over a random blog. Value a collection of information over a single source. Understand that legit services will likely have a mix of positive and negative reviews over a long period of time. Scam sites typically have no one talking about them, everyone yelling about how they got robbed, or the most perfect reviews ever. The latter one is just as red of a flag as the first one.
  14. Don’t ever run remote-access software (e.g. TeamViewer) ever…but especially not on a computer with keys on them. The number of security holes in these programs is atrocious. You 2FA your entire life, but then let a single string of characters give someone access to your entire computer & every account.
  15. Don’t click any link regarding anything crypto, money, banking, or a service like Dropbox / Google Drive / Gmail in any email ever. And if the scammy clickbait was simply too irresistible for you, don’t enter any information on the page.
  16. Install an adblocker that actually turns off Google/Bing Ads. I recommend going with uBlock Orgin. If you are already using Adblock Plus, it does not hide Google Ads from you. Go into your Adblock Plus settings and uncheck the box that says “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”.
  17. Don’t click on advertisements. With or without an adblocker, you should never, ever click on advertisements.
  18. If you have accidentally visited or typed a malicious site, clean out your recent history and autocomplete. This will prevent you from typing kra… and having it autocomplete to the malicious
  19. No one is giving you free or discounted coins. Even for completing a survey.
  20. The guys who just finish their token sale don’t want to sell you tokens via Slack DM. Neither does that smokin’ hot 125px x 125px avatar.
  21. Use portfolio apps to check your balance. Access your wallet only when you have to transfer coins!
Lastly: use your brain. Think for a moment. Don’t assume, ask. Don’t blindly follow, question. If something doesn’t seem right…if you feel like the luckiest fucker on Earth…or if you find yourself asking, “I wonder why I haven’t seen this on reddit yet”, there is likely a reason.

While the above post is all about the steps you should take to protect yourself, there is another one that is even more important:

  1. Look out for one another
  2. Scammers thrive because they have victims — because they know they can throw a stupid website out there and people will click it. Stop thinking, “Well, they shouldn’t have clicked it” and start doing what you can to prevent people from making a mistake that will cost them their hard-earned coins.
  3. If you notice something looks like MEW, say “Hey, that looks like a clone of MEW! I wonder if they’ve seen it?”
  4. If you think that Github URL looks weird but you don’t have the time to check, throw a “hey u sure thats rite url?” up there.
  5. If that post or comment is an unheard of wallet, leave a comment and report it with a “??????????” in the report reason.
  6. If the Token Sale you are participating it doesn’t tell you explicitly when & where their address will be posted, ask them, in public, over and over again. If its not at least 24 hours before the Token Sale, question that choice, in public, over and over again.
  7. There needs to be more due diligence everywhere, but this is easier diligence than most. It requires no advance knowledge or skills. You don’t even have to be able to write good. Stay aware, trust your gut, ask more questions, trust the internet less, and google the fuck out of everything.

Stay safe out there.