Coins I have 8/2017

These are the coins that I have right now.

Going to add more Bitquence, NEO, OmiseGo and TenX from dips. I’m waiting good moment to get rid of Steem because I lost my faith in this one. Later I’m going to get some Bitcoin and Ethereum to long hodl besides these altcoins.

I’m glad that I got Bitquence from ICO and also cheaply after that.

I like coins that are solving some problems in Crypto sphere.

  1. Bitquence (BQX), 43%
  2. NEO (NEO), 12,5%
  3. OmiseGo (OMG), 10%
  4. Stratis (STRAT), 6%
  5. TenX (PAY), 5,5%
  6. EOS (EOS)
  7. Lisk (LSK)
  8. Ripple (XRP)
  9. Golem (GNT)
  10. Steem (STEEM)
  11. Synereo (AMP)
  12. Siacoin (SC)

Earn passive income @ Control Finance

Get 1%-1.5% profit daily from Control Finance platform!

Daily profit percentage is depending on the amount of your deposit/balance:

  • 10$ – 299$ = 1%
  • 300$ – 999$ = 1.1%
  • 1,000$ – 4,499$ = 1.25%
  • 4,500$ – 9,999$ = 1.4%
  • 10,000$ -> = 1.5%

You can reinvest your profits and get to the next level (bigger %) or withdraw profits without daily fees. Profit calculations are made 7 days a week. You get a lifetime long profit (or at least as long as this company is alive). You will never get your deposit back but you will get fixed profit from it for a lifetime.

Some calculations:

Initial investment = 300$
Reinvesting until deposits are over 100,000$

  • 113 days to reach from 300$ to 1,000$
  • 123 days to reach from 1,000$ to 4,500$
  • 59 days to reach from 4,500$ to 10,000$
  • 156 days to reach from 10,000$ to 100,000

Total of 451 days (1 year and 3 months) to change 300$ into 100,000$ that is making you over 1,500$ passive income per day!

Control Finance company is very open about what they do with all these invested cash. You can check their weekly reports that show all the details about how much and which cryptocurrencies they have invested (BTC/USD, ETH/BTC, ETC/BTC, LTC/USD, and other Altcoins). Reports are updated on a weekly basis.

How to get started:

  1. Register
    You need to enter some basic information to open a personal account. This doesn’t take more than a minute.
  2. Deposit
    In your personal dashboard, you’ll easily find the button for making your first deposit. Your deposit starts working immediately.
  3. Confirmation
    If you performed a Bitcoin transaction, this step may require some patience. This is because the Bitcoin network requires three confirmations, and no one can speed up this process.
  4. Replenish the deposit
    Add more money to your deposit account at any time (this gives you access to more advantages).
  5. Receive money
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Earn with Bitcoin loans @ BitConnect

It can be very profitable to invest some Bitcoins in BitConnect (BCC) platform!

You can invest BCC coin in Bitconnect lending platform exclusively from the BitConnect Dashboard. This investment option involves profiting from BCC trading bot and volatility software. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. Upon investment term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the BCC lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.

At the end of loan time (max 299 days) you get your initial investment back. Inetrests can be withdraw everyday or you can reinvest it and get even bigger gains!

I have invested to this system and it’s making profit for me every day.

How to start making money:

1. Deposit bitcoins first

  1. Visit BCC trading page
  2. Simply Click on “Green Button” to get your BitCoin deposit address.
  3. Once bitcoin sent to bitcoin address you will see unconfirmed transaction appear with pending confirmation on transaction history page. It will be fully confirmed and available for trade with 3 bitcoin network confirmation. It can take around 30 minutes or more time depending on bitcoin network so do not worry and wait quietly.

2. Buy BCC Coin from BCC Exchange

  1. Once you see balance in your BitCoin wallet visit BCC trading page
  2. Simply Fill in buy BCC Coin form for your desired price and click “Buy BitConnect Coin” Button.

3. Lend or Invest BitConnect Coin (BCC) from BitConnect wallet

  1. Once all your BCC filled in your BCC wallet, go to your user Dashboard and press the “lend BitConnect button”. The invest Bitconnect box will appear. Enter the amount you wish to lend or invest in USD.
  2. After you have read the terms of service, rules and regulations and agree to the terms, check the small box.
  3. You may now choose to “pay from a BitConnect wallet” using the buttons on the bottom of your screen.
  4. Once you have click to pay from a BCC wallet, a confirmation box will appear. Hit the “confirm button”.
  5. You will see confirmation message, stating “payment completed.” You did it! The transaction is completed. Make sure you should have require BCC Coin amount in your BCC wallet.

My progress:

  • Initial investment = 240$
  • Total investment = 250$ (initial + profits)
  • Started = 2017-08-03 11:30:33 AM
  • Reinvest #1 (10$) = 2017-08-07 08:41:13 PM
  • Total earned = 11.83$

Try for your self and start earning passive income today!

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